SEO Gold Coast

Dominate Google search rankings and drive relevant traffic to your site. Our Gold Coast SEO team is poised to put you at the top.

Our SEO gets you seen

Ranking well on Google for relevant search terms forms the foundation for your website’s organic traffic. It all sounds fairly simple. However, SEO requires some deep understanding, needs constant attention and is comprised of countless tasks. Lively offers SEO services in Gold Coast that help your business attract the attention it deserves. The ever-changing landscape of SEO is hard to keep up with, but that’s what we’re here for.

Why Lively?

It’s simple really. With the know-how, some expert skill and a whole load of creativity, digital marketing can help your business reach enormous audiences. Offering all of these skills, Lively is a digital marketing and web design agency in Gold Coast. We know how to grow your business and we’re ready to help you do just that.

Lively’s SEO services in Gold Coast help you gain customers, not clicks. We help your business rediscover its customer base and attract those people ready to make a purchase. How do we do it? We hone in on only the most relevant terms and work towards gaining real customers. Clicks on your homepage don’t mean anything to us, if they’re not converting into revenue for you.

How we turn SEO into Sales

We focus on value

Creating content is no use if it doesn’t add value to your business. We focus on increasing the value of your website and keep up to date with the newest algorithms.

We’re totally transparent

Our strategies are based on our extensive experience with SEO. We’re confident and we have nothing to hide from you. That’s why we send you reports every single month that provide you with an overview of our progress.

We work with ROI

Clicks are great and traffic is important. However, we all know that ROI is the aim of the game. We base our decision making on your conversions, not clicks, and draw as much out of your investments as possible. 

Local Knowledge

Our SEO specialists aren’t just up to date with new developments and algorithms. We know Gold Coast customers like the back of our hand; how they search, which terms they use.


Have a question? Ask us. Need to understand something in more depth? Shoot. Our expert Google Ads team in Gold Coast has a solid grasp on your campaign, but we’re happy to show you what we’re up to behind the scenes.


When you work with Lively, you communicate with only one team member. We want to avoid messages getting lost in the post and we try to make your experience as streamlined as possible. Your one on one experience with an account manager adds a personal touch to our service.


We’re totally committed to converting your traffic into sales. But you don’t have to be committed to us. Our minimum contracts are three months, meaning if you’re not satisfied with our work, you don’t have to stay. Having said that, we’re pretty confident that we’ll be a perfect fit.

We’re ready to grow your business.

If you’re looking to grow your business, looking to generate more leads or squeeze out more sales from your website, get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through your options.